Nature of Soul


There must be a moment of awareness that opened you to astrology. You’ve known yourself for years and yet, within you, remains a private and mysterious inner life.

An undiscovered kingdom you have yet to explore. Somewhere in the vast expanse of your personality is seemingly a door locked from the inside. Could it be that you feel astrology would lead you to a place within your psyche that you’ve never fully explored? Or possibly an unfinished area that will remain maddeningly unknowable to you? Vast ExpanseUltimately, neither you or your inner self has a map that has really revealed to you what you expected, or a master key, or any way of knowing exactly what your position in life is about.


Do you question the ways of society and still feel perplexed as to how the world does not see its mistakes? Do you feel divided from the world and feel as though you should be able to do more but are vexed by seeming restrictions? Do you feel as though you have a purpose or mission to fulfill, but struggle to find what it is you want to do with your life? Do you fail to recognize your physical limitations that often lead toward frustration?

Failure is from False beliefs about yourself.

Most of humankind, during their formative years, achieve adulthood by means of a set of false beliefs relating themselves with the nature of reality. Misguided formation of contradictory opinions develop into internal viewpoints that project a reactive, rather than a proactive way of correct procedures. A cycle of bad habits that have no real value produces failure instead of a meaningful life-style and misguided opinions are what creates internal strife, anxiety and a lack of self worth.

The search for truth rather than right or wrong.

How do internalized thought forms develop? From an early age children reach out to find answers from the only people they trust to help solve this mystery we call life. A young child however, lacks ability to consider the quality of advice given by adults.


Their vulnerable state is like a labyrinth whereas the child cannot make suitable judgments therefore conclusions cannot be made as to whether advice received is truthful or not turns out to be a way of life.

Information is Power

Out of Way

A child's ability to evaluate and judge any activities by adults as role models is not present as well, there exist only a blank field of innocence open to mental impressions. Therefore, any information, concerning self-identity and the nature of reality, false or otherwise, is absorbed into a child's psyche relating to whomever they believe themselves to be by instruction or mimicking a role model. All too often, responses from "those who know" is abused by giving misdirection to simply keep a child "out of the way." The result is a squelched alienation, a feeling of being incomplete with a sense of futility.

Life is resolved through the mind, conflicts are resolved through the mind and it has been demonstrated that any false belief about oneself and the nature of reality has sufficient force to block anyone from meaningful goals or the attainment of one's highest aspirations. At this level, the individual experiences frustrations that impart an annoyingly dissatisfaction about life.


The greatest waste in the world is staying who you are and resisting what you could become. You cannot change yesterday but you can begin a new today. Is it not time to step out from the shadows?

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